Mamakaya, is the best for you and your closet. Stylish, diversity, and different. Fare Trade


Love the art of the people of the Wayuu tribe and their work.


What better than hanging in your closet a Wayuu backpack that with its colorful fabric already makes the day happy!


However, our backpacks come directly from the Guajira, they are woven by a group of indigenous women heads of household and they are happy to take their culture to other parts of the world. We want to clarify we pay the indigenous women what they demand from us for each piece, being Colombian and descending from an indigenous family, I would not allow it otherwise. It is a 100% handmade work and each piece takes up to 20 days to be ready, I also want to emphasize that the backpacks decorated with beads and other decorations are decorated 100% by hand by local artisans, complementing them to make each piece even more unique. And I want to make it clear to all our users that both the indigenous and the artisans who work with us know that their piece is brought and sold in Europe.